Well, it’s confirmed. Doflamingo is down, but this week’s chapter was rather underwhelming. I suppose we would be having a couple of chapters to cool off before we get the massive reveals. Still, there’s that unresolved battle between Sabo and Burgess. The lack of Law’s reaction to Doflamingo’s defeat in this chapter is quite jarring, but I still look forward to seeing some sort of closure for all those years of revenge in the coming chapters. Since the usually stoic Kyros bawled, I expect Law to do something similar right after he recovers from exhausting what’s left of his energy on bringing Luffy to safety. Oda probably has an entire chapter for that, perhaps he is preparing the reveal of Doflamingo’s eyes for it. As for the rest, I predict a short reunion for the remaining Straw Hats with Viola and Rebecca, who are carrying the two captains with them. Meanwhile, the marines on the island reorganized themselves as preparations for some upcoming event.

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